So what is Flower Camp?  The flowers don't go to camp, do they?
     I'm asked quite often for tips on floral design and care of fresh flowers.  I'm comfortable sharing what I've learned the last few years, but I love Flower Camp, because I always learn something new, too!
      St. Bridget's Flower Camps are held intermittently in the summer, usually on Saturday mornings or by appointment. Campers get to enjoy coffee, juice and homemade treats while learning a bit about floral design, and then are set loose to practice what they've learned. As you can see from the photos, we've had some incredible bouquets come out of Flower Camp. Participants are encouraged to bring their own containers, and we go from there.  Generally, it's a relaxing, fun atmosphere to play with flowers--all the enjoyment and none of the pain of gardening!
     Because we are previously committed to a lot of Saturday weddings, I would like to offer Flower Camps to groups at other times as well. It's a unique and fun girls night/afternoon/morning out, so give me a call or email to reserve your groups' "Flower Camp" experience. Groups should consist of at least three participants.   
Flower Camp bouquet by Julia, late July
How beautiful is this creation by Liz, September Flower Camp
Diane's "citrus" bouquet,
July flower camp
Janet's asymetrical bouquet,
July flower camp